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Accelerated Software as a Service Delivery

Building quality, scalable, secure and flexible software? It takes time! And no matter what silver bullet you have been promised, you need to have the right team, with the right tools and resources in order to have it delivered on time and budget. However, there are certain elements you can consider to accelerate your delivery process, and one of them is to have the right foundation in place. Your next software consists of some user facing functions (the screens, menus, and buttons), and some underlying elements which support those screens you see and work with every day. Consider it like a

How Technology Leads help their customers build SaaS faster

Accelerated Software as Service Delivery

Never build Authentication, Payment, and Automated Delivery Pipelines again! We have already done it! The components which go into every software can be categorised either as foundation or functional use cases; with foundation being the ones you could reuse for your next software if built right. Assuming your next software MVP would take 6 months

AIOps, the solution for software change management to save millions of $/year?

Legacy Software Change Management, We all might have been in that situation that making the actual software change takes just a few hours, but getting approval to go live takes almost two weeks!? It is the story of a painful go-live experience for an engineering team who is ready to release their changes but needs to

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